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IoT Home Gateway/Server
Kosmo is the first IoT Home Automation Gateway/Server software solution for Open-source hardware
like Raspberry PI & Arduino.
IoT - Internet Of Things
Stay tuned with your devices from anywhere in the world.
Rules Maker
Customize your Home Automation using simple [IF ... THEN ...]
Control Panel
Create your own panel to control your objects with a simple CLICK!
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Kosmo Server is completely free for all Makers who want to create their own Home Automation.


Full customization of Kosmo Server with additional modules for enterprises which want to promote own business in IoT world.


IoT era is now and every day at Kosmo we work in order to shape the future. Join us and enters into the Kosmo Alliance program.

Desktop, Tablet & Mobile

Kosmo Server fit on every device (desktop, tablet and mobile) to give you the capability to manage your house in any situation.

Kosmo Roadmap

We imagine a future where each house is an independent cell and
the Cloud connects all these cells to each other...
...that future is now!

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